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25 Unusual Pizza Topping Recipes You’ll Love at First …
    11. Jalapeño Popper Pizza: Instead of buying a box of frozen jalapeño poppers for your next sports night, whip up a few jalapeño popper …

25 Deliciously Weird Pizzas Worth Trying Tonight

The Best Unusual Pizzas in America Gallery

12 of the World's Craziest Pizzas | Time

15+ Pizza Topping Ideas - Unusual Pizza Recipes - Delish

15 Unusual Pizza Topping Ideas that are Surprisingly …
    6. Unusual Artisan Forager Pizza Topping. Earthy and rich, the Mushroom Pizza with Havarti Cheese Fresh Herbs and Truffle Oil tastes like a fancy meal and you won’t miss the meat one bit! Mushrooms are known as the chicken of the forest and come in many unusual and yummy varieties. This is a must-try combination!

The Top 18 Most Uniquely Shaped Pizzas | Giordano's
    This weirdly shaped pizza is somehow both adorable and terrifying at the same time. Its body is created out of a rounded lump of pizza dough and looks fairly ordinary except for the strategic placing of toppings that are positioned to make it look like it has eyes. The legs are where this pizza starts getting crazy.

10 Of the Weirdest Pizza Toppings Around The World
    This pizza isn't one that's unusual because of the toppings that go on it, but the type of crust that it has. There are pizzas from all different countries that have unique crusts like pretzel or cheeseburger crust pizza or even the classic stuffed crust pizza. But in the United Arab Emirates, they take the unique pizza crust to a whole new level.

48 Weird Pizza Combinations That Might Actually Taste …
    So, let this list inspire you and let me show you some of the more unusual flavors of pizza out there. Some of them might be downright weird, but that won't stop them tasting good. Table of Contents [ show] Texas Margherita Pizza. Spicy Pizza. Chocolate Pizza. Pretty Colors.

25 Best Unique Pizza Recipes & Ideas - Specialty Pizza …
    Go sweet, savory, cheesy, meaty or even veggie-packed! We have compiled a handful of delicious twists on pizza with these 25 delish recipes. Inside you’ll find a Crock-Pot version of deep dish ...

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